Mo Abdalla, Project Manager/Industrial Hygienist - Key Project
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Mo Abdalla, Project Manager/Industrial Hygienist
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Key Projects

  • Plano I.S.D.   20 projects (Air Monitoring, Project Manager)
  • Dallas I.S.D.   20 projects (Air Monitoring Project Manager)
  • Fort Hood Army Base   175 projects (Air Monitoring, Project Manager, Inspector)
  • Irving Health Care System   15 projects (Air Monitoring Project Manager)
  • Baylor Hospital   35 Projects (Air Monitoring Project Manager)
  • North Park Mall   30 Projects (Air Monitoring Project Manager)
  • T.U. Electric (Big Brown)   230 Projects (Air Monitoring, OSHA Sampling, ProjectManager, Inspector, Consultant)
  • Multiple Projects   600 Projects (Air Monitoring, Project Manager, Consultant)
  • OSHA Air Samples   500 Projects (Arlington I.S.D., Nations Bank)



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