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Key Differentiation:

  • Long-term client relationship: we have many repeat clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area including Texas Department of Transportation,  Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Turner Construction, Phillips May Corporation, Whiting-Turner Construction, and Jamail Construction.
  • Customer Satisfaction:  our long-term relationships stem from clients knowing from the beginning of the project that our focus is their satisfaction.  To that end, we meet with the client at the beginning of the project to discuss their expectations.  At the completion of the project, one of our project managers meets with the client to make sure everything was to their satisfaction.  It is our goal to maintain a constant flow communication with our clients so they know what we are doing every step of the project.
  • Expertise with complicated projects: Ponce routinely completes a checklist to make sure everything has been done to specification,  updates schedules to bring client up to speed to what is happening in their project and a walk through is routinely done to insure projects being completed on-time and within budget.  Our focus is on efficiency and safety of each project.
  • Being Green: we at Ponce realize our responsibility to the ecosystem and know that what we do impacts the community.  Our goal is to provide a clean and safe environment.  We do this by analyzing on-site energy, lighting, and water conservation.  We also promote materials reuse and recycling. 


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